Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Can't Deport My Client For Taking Bullets On A Plane!!!

We are please to announce that once again we have successfully won another case before the immigration courts in Chicago.  Our client was a Mexican national who was in the United States on a Green Card for many years.  He was ordered to appear before the deportation court because the Department of Homeland Security discovered that he had been convicted on boarding an airline with 100 rounds of live 9mm ammunition and the USCIS alleged that our client was deportable since had violated  INA 237(a)(2)(c) Certain Firearm offenses. We argued before Judge Robert Vinikoor that being found guilty of boarding a plane with 100 9mm bullets is not a Firearms offense for the purposes of the statute and asked that he terminate the proceedings (close the case) with prejudice.  Despite the Government Lawyer's objection, Judge Vinikoor agreed with us and terminated the proceedings with Prejudice.

Khaja M. Din, Esq.

Khaja Din is an immigration attorney specializing in deportation defense and the immigration consequences of criminal conduct.  He has offices in Chicago, IL.
Khaja M. Din, Esq.

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